National Association of Letter Carriers News Feed National Association of Letter Carriers News Feed Wed, 1 Oct 2014 05:00:00 +0000 AMPS en hourly 1 Thursday Convention Chronicle Fri, 20 Jul 2018 21:51:00 -0500 Whether bringing their message to voters and to Congress, feeding hungry families through the Letter Carrier Food Drive or working for social and economic justice, letter carriers meeting in Detroit renewed their commitment to creating a better world.

Wednesday Convention Chronicle Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:12:00 -0500 Delegates demonstrated that when union members use the democratic process to forge a common goal, they fulfill the promise of solidarity.

Appeals court upholds dismissal of lawsuit Wed, 18 Jul 2018 20:20:00 -0500 On July 17, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C. upheld the dismissal of a 23-year-old lawsuit against certain former national officers and the NALC.

As previously reported, a lower court had dismissed this case in January 2017.  The suit was brought by David Noble, a retired member of Branch 142.  The suit claimed that 12 former officers, including President Emeritus William H. Young and the late President Emeritus Vincent R. Sombrotto, had improperly accepted a $500 monthly allowance for in-town expenses.  The suit also alleged that the NALC had improperly withheld documents requested by the plaintiff.  In its decision, the Court of Appeals found that “over the 23 years of this litigation, Noble has failed to adduce any evidence of wrongdoing by the defendants.”

To read the Court’s decision go to:$file/17-7024-1740912.pdf

House resolution introduced on USPS privatization Mon, 16 Jul 2018 14:38:00 -0500 Today, a group of 10 bipartisan representatives introduced a House Resolution (H. Res. 993) calling on Congress to take all appropriate measures to ensure that the Postal Service remain an independent agency of the federal government and not be subject to privatization.

The bipartisan resolution was introduced by Reps. Rodney Davis (R-IL) and Stephen Lynch (D-MA). Other original cosponsors will be Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Paul Cook (R-CA), Brian Mast (R-FL), Don Young (R-AK), Cedric Richmond (D-LA), Stephanie Murphy (D-FL), Dave Loebsack (D-IA) and Marcia Fudge (D-OH).

The resolution’s introduction comes in response to the recent Office of Management and Budget (OMB) government reorganization and restructure plan titled “Delivery Government Solutions in the 21st Century." While the report takes direct aim at numerous agencies, it calls for privatizing the Postal Service.

“NALC commends our bipartisan friends in Congress for their immediate action to push back against this ill-conceived idea that will adversely impact the constituents they represent and the letter carriers who serve them seven-days-a-week,” said NALC President Rolando.

“Privatization of the Postal Service will inevitably increase costs and limit service for locations not deemed profitable, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Privatization will also threaten the standard of living of letter carriers and all postal employees.” continued Rolando.

 “Just as NALC laid out for the White House Postal Task Force, we believe that sensible financial reforms are the way forward -  not burning down the barn at the behest of private shippers.” Rolando said. “We encourage all members of Congress to cosponsor this important bipartisan resolution and oppose any effort to privatize this public institution based in the Constitution.”

NALC encourages all letter carriers to contact their members of Congress to become cosponsors on this resolution.

Tuesday Convention Chronicle Tue, 17 Jul 2018 19:56:00 -0500 Standing shoulder to shoulder in unity, delegates to NALC's 71st biennial convention in Detroit on Tuesday celebrated the power of solidarity and heard from union leaders who pledged their support in the struggles ahead.

Convention Chronicle: 'The challenges of our time' Mon, 16 Jul 2018 19:43:00 -0500 The 71st biennial convention of the National Association of Letter Carriers began on Monday, July 16, with a rigorous assessment of the challenges facing letter carriers—especially political, legislative and regulatory—and a call to action by NALC President Fredric Rolando to the 5,000-plus delegates gathered at the Cobo Center in Detroit.

Say “Thank You” to our veterans Mon, 09 Jul 2018 11:58:00 -0500 Say “Thank You” to our veterans at the NALC Veterans Group booth at the NALC Convention in Detroit. Come and write a thank you message on a postcard that will be included in one of 2,000 homeless care packages we’re assembling to distribute to homeless Veterans. Plan to stop by the booth before Tuesday at 1 p.m. to make sure your message is included.

Supreme Court attacks workers’ rights in Janus decision Wed, 27 Jun 2018 16:12:00 -0500 In a narrow 5-4 decision Wednesday, the Supreme Court once again sided with corporate special interests and against America’s working families. In a case called Janus vs. AFSCME, the Court ruled that public sector unions may no longer assess so-called agency fees, the payment required of non-union members to cover the cost of collective-bargaining services.  These “fair share” fees are vital because such services provide benefits to members and non-members alike. In so doing, the Court overturned longstanding precedent and adopted a radical reading of the First Amendment pushed by anti-union forces. 

NALC President Fredric Rolando issued the following statement after the decision:

“This is an appalling decision that shows once again that elections have consequences,” Rolando said. “With the deciding vote of Neal Gorsuch, the justice nominated by President Trump in 2017, the Court has betrayed America’s workers once again – by doing the bidding of corporate interests who are dedicated to weakening America’s unions.  Our labor movement will not take this attack lying down. Just as NALC has learned to organize without agency fees, the unions representing public employees at the state and local level are gearing up to overcome this grossly unjustified ruling. We stand in solidarity with them.”

The ruling is especially galling because the Gorsuch seat on the Supreme Court was effectively stolen by the Senate GOP majority in 2016 when, for the first time in history, it refused to consider a president’s nomination of a justice for the nation’s highest court.  In fact, it refused to even hold a hearing for Judge Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee. After the 2016 election, the same GOP majority then further trampled on tradition by eliminating the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations, making it possible for anti-worker judges like Gorsuch to be elevated to the Supreme Court. With the Janus decision, the cost of these unprincipled attacks on our democratic norms just went up. 

Adding insult to injury, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement today – opening yet another opportunity for President Trump to nominate another extremist, anti-union justice to the Court. 

The AFL-CIO and its unions are mobilizing to overcome the Janus decision. To learn more, visit

NALC Convention: Remember to register for the Blood Drive Fri, 29 Jun 2018 12:52:00 -0500 Reminder for anyone attending the Convention, please remember to register for the Blood Drive.

The National Association of Letter Carriers and the American Red Cross will be hosting a blood drive at the national convention in Detroit. Delegates to the convention are encouraged to schedule an appointment.

The need for blood is constant and only volunteer donors can fulfill that need for patients in every community. Nationwide, someone needs a unit of blood every 2 to 3 seconds and almost everyone will need blood in their lifetime.

Drive Details:
Site: Cobo Center
Address: 1 Washington Boulevard, Detroit, MI, 48226
Room Name: 140 DEF
Date: Tuesday, July 17
Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Coordinator Phone Number: 313-549-7051
Click here to make an appointment (click red arrow to see times and sign up)

NALC Convention: Shuttle schedule Wed, 27 Jun 2018 14:01:00 -0500 Complimentary shuttle service is provided between many of the NALC hotels and the Cobo Center. The full schedule is posted on the NALC Convention page.

NALC's statement on OMB's proposal to privatize the Postal Service Thu, 21 Jun 2018 14:30:00 -0500 NALC President Fredric Rolando criticized the Trump administration’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) proposal to privatize the United States Postal Service, which was released today

“This report takes direct aim at numerous agencies including USPS under the guise of reforming and restructuring for the 21st century,” President Rolando said. “The White House is making very clear that privatization of the Postal Service is its goal, despite the fact that the stakeholder meetings with the White House Postal Task Force are ongoing. 

“NALC has long been committed to working with all of the stakeholders and not one has floated the idea of privatization except private shippers, who would love nothing more than to see the Postal Service dismantled.

“NALC had high hopes in engaging with this administration and its Postal Task Force to address the underlying issues facing the Postal Service, which stem from the 2006 mandate to pre-fund future retiree health benefits. The NALC along with the other postal employee unions provided recommendations to the Task Force. We were hopeful that this administration was seeking real solutions to stabilize this agency with an 88 percent public approval rating where veterans make up almost 25 percent of its workforce.

“Now that we know that this administration and its Task Force will make recommendations on reforms to achieve OMB’s privatization goals, NALC will work tirelessly with other stakeholders and Congress to oppose this faulty privatization plan every step of the way to preserve this public institution, which is based in the Constitution."

POSTAL FACTS: June 26, 2018 Tue, 26 Jun 2018 13:13:00 -0500 What reporters and commentators are writing and saying about the Postal Service, and how NALC members and leaders are making their voices heard.

Media coverage of OMB's proposal to privatize the Postal Service and merge the Labor and Education Departments

Media coverage of the June 21 Office of Management and Budget (OMB) proposal to privatize the United States Postal Service and the administration’s plan to merge the Labor and Education Departments focused on the employee organizations' responses to both. NALC president Fredric Rolando was widely quoted along with the postmaster general and heads of other federal labor organizations. Below are links to some of the reports:

Government Executive
Federal News Radio
Press Associates Union News Service

Paige letter: Vote by mail (Idaho Statesman)

Idaho State Association of Letter Carriers President John Paige’s letter to the editor of the Idaho Statesman ran on June 15.

Click here to read the letter in the Idaho Statesman.

Notice to prospective candidates in the 2018 NALC election (updated) Fri, 15 Jun 2018 11:00:00 -0500 NALC has changed email vendors for the 2018 election. Blue Bulldog Digital, a labor focused digital communication firm, has been retained to handle requests by candidates for national office in the 2018 NALC election to distribute campaign literature by e-mail.  NALC’s previously announced contractor, Kelly Press, will no longer be involved.

Beginning on June 15, Blue Bulldog Digital will be responsible for receiving campaign material from candidates and managing the distribution of this material by email.  Any candidate(s) wishing to arrange distribution of campaign literature by email, at his/her own expense, must contact Christian Norton Monday through Friday, 10am-6pm EST at

Blue Bulldog Digital will advise candidates of the cost and options for distributing campaign literature by email. Payments must be made in advance either through PayPal or by check. Payments by check must clear before work begins.

Blue Bulldog Digital requires 3 business days advance notice for set-up, preparation and formatting of e-mail campaign literature.

Candidates in the 2018 election may elect to send e-mails to: (1) all e-mail addresses in NALC’s current and archived databases; or (2) to email addresses that can be identified as being within specific National Business Agent regions. Candidates may also send emails separately to active or retiree members.

Members will continue to have the option of unsubscribing from receipt of campaign literature at any time.  Each candidate email will contain a link allowing recipients to unsubscribe from receiving future candidate email.

Finally, candidates should check the May issue of The Postal Record for additional information on convention displays and purchasing advertisements in The Postal Record (on the last page of this pdf). The information about the change to Blue Bulldog Digital will appear in the July issue of The Postal Record.

Senate Appropriations preserves 6 day Fri, 22 Jun 2018 19:43:00 -0500 In a markup on Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19) Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) Act. Of particular importance to letter carriers, the committee preserved NALC’s long-standing language preserving six-day mail delivery, following similar preservation of language from the House committee last week (viewable here).

Now that the bill has passed out the full committee, it will await Senate passage along with the other appropriations measures. However, as has been the case in recent years, the appropriations process will likely not be completed in time for the end of the fiscal year, which will result in temporary funding measures before an eventual omnibus package passed.

NALC will monitor the progression of both the House and Senate FSGG bills on their respective chamber floors as well as any actions around an omnibus.

Economics Blog: Federal Reserve increases target interest rates Fri, 15 Jun 2018 22:00:00 -0500 On June 13, 2018, the Federal Reserve raised the target federal funds rate range by another 0.25%, bringing the target range to 1.75%-2.00% (up from 1.50%-1.75%).

During the Great Recession, the Fed’s interest rate target range was lowered all the way to 0.00%-0.25% and remained there for an extended period of time (see chart below).

During a downturn in the economy, lowering interest rates is one of the mechanisms used by the Federal Reserve to try to stimulate economic growth. During the Great Recession, the Fed dramatically lowered interest rates in order to try to boost economic activity. Back in September 2007 the target rate stood at 5.25%. Starting in September 2007, the Federal Reserve began lowering the target, ultimately lowering it 10 times, and ending with a target range of 0.00%-0.25% in December 2008.

In December 2015, as the economy began to show signs of improvement, the Federal Reserve began raising rates. The June 13 increase is the seventh increase since the last recession. The Fed’s full statement about the latest increase can be found here.

One frequent effect of increases in the Fed’s rates is increases in the rates that banks and credit unions use for making loans and paying interest on deposits.


LOWER NOW AT 1.75%, UPPER AT 2.00%