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Net-to-bank and allotment changes reactivated within LiteBlue

On Jan. 15, in response to some Postal Service employees unknowingly providing their LiteBlue login credentials to fraudulent and criminal websites, USPS implemented multifactor authentication (MFA) when logging in. As previously reported, MFA provides an extra layer of security and may already be familiar to most through online accounts at financial institutions by confirming a code received via text message or through an app.

To further protect employee’s accounts, the Postal Service also temporarily disabled allotment and net-to-bank changes in LiteBlue. As of Feb. 1, the Postal Service reported that only 62 percent of all postal employees had set up MFA and at that time the ability to make allotment and net-to-bank changes remained disabled until a greater number of employees did so.

As of Monday, Feb. 6, the implementation of MFA reached a participation threshold across the organization warranting reactivation of net-to-bank and allotment transactions within PostalEASE for all employees. To make changes to current net-to-bank or allotment settings, employees can visit, verify their identity via MFA, and navigate to PostalEASE.

For awareness, the ability for employees to make changes to their net-to-bank or allotment settings via the PostalEASE interactive voice response (IVR) system has been disabled, effective immediately. The IVR system for other employee actions can still be used.

Employees who have not set up their MFA preferences on LiteBlue, should visit the MFA LiteBlue site by navigating to and clicking on Multifactor Authentication under the login. If you identify any activity with your account that looks suspicious, contact For additional information about MFA and related topics, visit the MFA LiteBlue site by clicking on the MFA banner on the LiteBlue login page.