Union administration

NALC national officers

NALC national officers

The National Association of Letter Carriers has 10 resident national officers, three national trustees and 15 national business agents who are elected to four-year terms. More information on the NBAs can be found here.

Every officer must be a letter carrier. Candidates are nominated for NALC office at every other biennial convention and are elected by NALC members using secret mail-in ballots. If a candidate is unopposed, the candidate is considered elected.

The officers have specific responsibilities as outlined in the NALC Constitution.

The president carries out NALC policies and has overall authority over the organization.

The executive vice president’s duties include overseeing collective bargaining, organizing and legislative activities. The executive vice president also stands in for the president if he or she cannot fulfill his or her duties until the next election.

The vice president’s duties include assisting the executive vice president and supervising the national business agents.

The secretary-treasurer keeps the records and accounts of the union and assists branch leaders with complying with their responsibilities.

The assistant secretary-treasurer serves with direct supervision of the president, performing duties assigned by the president. He or she serves as the secretary of the Executive Council when it is in session and serves as the secretary-treasurer in the absence of the sitting secretary-treasurer.

The director of city delivery handles issues related to mail delivery and how letter carriers do their jobs, including working with the Postal Service and developing and distributing training materials.

The director of safety and health works to assure that letter carriers are safe from the many hazards they may confront while doing their jobs. This includes advocating for safe Postal Service procedures and policies and educating and training carriers on how to protect their safety and health and that of their coworkers.

The director of retired members advocates for retiree benefits and assists and educates active and retired members on retirement issues.

The director of the health benefit plan administers the NALC Health Plan, a not-for-profit health insurance program founded by NALC that is open to letter carriers and other federal employees.

The director of life insurance administers the U.S. Letter Carriers Mutual Benefit Association, a not-for-profit insurance program founded by NALC that offers letter carriers life insurance and other insurance and financial benefits.

The Board of Trustees, composed of three trustees, oversee the financial affairs of the union, auditing its books, reporting on the audits and other financial information, and managing its property.

Resident National Officers

Fredric V. Rolando, President

Fredric V. Rolando

Fredric V. Rolando was re-elected president of the National Association of Letter Carriers in 2014 following national balloting held among the union’s active and retired members.

A member of Sarasota, FL Branch 2148, Rolando began his letter carrier career in 1978 in South Miami as a member of South Florida Branch 1071. He served the branch as a steward from 1979 until 1984, when he moved to Sarasota and soon became Branch 2148’s chief steward.

“I got active in the union because of the antagonistic way management treated letter carriers,” Rolando explained.

In 1988, he was elected president of Branch 2148 and held that post until 1999. From 1992 to 1999, Rolando also served as a part-time regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Atlanta Region 9, and he was director of education for the Florida State Association of Letter Carriers from 1993 to 1999. He was named a full-time RAA for Region 9 in 1999.

Rolando was first elected to national office by acclamation at the 2002 Philadelphia Convention as director of city delivery, having been appointed to that post in February 2002 by President Vincent R. Sombrotto to fill a vacancy.

As city delivery director, Rolando had an opportunity “to become familiar with many of the specific issues that affect letter carriers, both common and unique to different areas of the country,” he said. He took a leading role in preparing the union for “future city delivery issues, which will likely include transitions necessitated by changes in the Postal Service itself.”

Rolando’s election as NALC executive vice president by acclamation at the 2006 Las Vegas Convention was another affirmation by his fellow letter carriers of their confidence in his abilities as a leader on the Executive Council.

As executive vice president, Rolando focused on working with the USPS to restructure delivery routes of mail carriers in a manner that protected their contractual rights as employees while allowing the agency to have the flexibility to meet the financial challenges posed by changing communications technology and the economic crisis.

In July 2009, Rolando was sworn in as the 18th president of the National Association of Letter Carriers following the retirement of William H. Young. In 2010, Rolando was elected president by acclamation during the 67th Biennial Convention in Anaheim.

Rolando has a Bachelor of Science degree in criminology and psychology from Florida International University. He and his wife, Jolene, reside in Fredericksburg, VA, and they have two daughters and two sons.

Brian Renfroe, Executive Vice President

Brian RenfroeBrian Renfroe was appointed NALC executive vice president by NALC President Fredric Rolando to fill a vacancy, effective Dec. 5, 2016.

Renfroe is a second-generation letter carrier who began his career in 2004 in Hattiesburg, MS, where he joined NALC as a member of Hattiesburg Branch 938. Just two years later, Renfroe was elected vice president of Branch 938. He also served as shop steward until 2008, the year his branch elected him president.

“As the son of a letter carrier, I grew up learning about the issues letter carriers have faced over the years,” he said. “At a young age, I had a deep appreciation for the hard work and sacrifice of the men and women of our union and its positive impact on my father’s job and my family. I quickly got involved in my branch because I felt a responsibility to do all that I could to keep moving forward and improving the jobs and lives of letter carriers. I still feel that responsibility.”

In addition, Renfroe served as a local business agent and arbitration advocate for the NALC’s Memphis Region 8, which covers Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee. Renfroe worked extensively on route adjustments in his home state and focused much of his time on training members at the branch, state, and regional levels.

In 2011, the Mississippi State Association elected Renfroe its president. A few months later, President Rolando appointed Renfroe to work at NALC Headquarters in the Contract Administration Unit, where he focused on city delivery issues. In 2013, Rolando appointed Renfroe as a special assistant to the president.

Renfroe was elected NALC director of city delivery in 2014 by acclamation during the union’s 69th Biennial Convention in Philadelphia. NALC President Fredric Rolando had appointed Renfroe to that position earlier in the year to fill a vacancy.

Renfroe is a graduate of the NALC Leadership Academy, having attended Class 6 in 2008.

Lew Drass, Vice President

Lew Drass

Lew Drass was elected national vice president in 2014 following national balloting held among the union’s active and retired members. He was first appointed to that position earlier in the year by NALC President Fredric Rolando to fill a vacancy, another milestone in a steady history of union service.

In 1977, Drass began his postal career as a clerk in Riverdale, MD. He transferred to the letter carrier craft in 1981 and joined the NALC’s Lanham, MD Branch 4819. Two years later, Drass became a shop steward, and served Lanham letter carriers in that position until 1989. That year, he transferred to Huntsville, AL, and moved his membership to Huntsville Branch 462.

In Huntsville, Drass quickly made his presence known, serving as assistant newsletter editor and Muscular Dystrophy Association coordinator from 1990 through 1992.

In 1993, Drass became Branch 462 president and chief shop steward, jobs he held until his first election as Memphis Region 8 national business agent (NBA) in 2002. Along the way, he also served as an Employee Involvement facilitator (1995-1996) and, starting in 1997, as a local business agent. He was re-elected Region 8 NBA by acclamation at the 2006 Las Vegas convention.

Before his first election to national office, Drass was director of education for the Alabama State Association of Letter Carriers from 1995 to 1997, its vice president from 1997 to 2001, and its president from 2001 to 2002. He has also served as an arbitration advocate since 1997.

In 2010, Drass was elected national director of city delivery by the 67th Biennial Convention in Anaheim.

Drass explained that he became so active in the union because “I didn’t like seeing other letter carriers being picked on by management.”

One of his goals as NALC vice president—“besides world peace,” he says with a laugh, “is to make our grievance procedure work better than it already does and to provide more tools to every shop steward in the country—to help them provide the best possible representation to every letter carrier.”

Nicole Rhine, Secretary-Treasurer

Nicole Rhine

Nicole R. Rhine was elected NALC secretary-treasurer by acclamation in 2014 during the union’s 69th Biennial NALC Convention in Philadelphia.

Rhine, a member of Lincoln, NE Branch 8, became a member of the NALC as soon as she joined the letter carrier craft, attending branch meetings and state conventions regularly.

“I couldn’t wait to become a member of the union,” she said. “I learned at an early age what unions stood for and could accomplish because my mother worked at a packing plant and belonged.”

At the branch level, Rhine served stints as assistant steward and steward. She was elected branch secretary in 1998, a role she held until her election as branch president in 2004. For three years starting in 1998, Rhine was also the Nebraska State Association of Letter Carriers’ legislative representative, until her election as state association president in 2001.

Rhine was a St. Louis Region 5 arbitration advocate from 1999 to 2006. In 2006, she was appointed as a regional administrative assistant (RAA) by NALC President William H. Young to fill a vacancy. Then, in 2009, NALC President Fredric V. Rolando appointed her national assistant secretary-treasurer to fill a vacancy. That appointment was affirmed in 2010 when Rhine was elected assistant secretary-treasurer in 2010 during the 67th Biennial Convention in Anaheim.

“It was my desire to educate letter carriers of their rights and to defend them when those rights were violated that inspired me to assume my other union roles over the years,” she said. “I am excited about the opportunity to serve the membership as a whole after being able to do so previously at the local, state and regional level.”

Rhine holds a journalism degree from the University of Kansas.

Paul Barner, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Paul Barner was elected assistant secretary-treasurer in 2018 by mail balloting of NALC members.

A member of Roswell, GA Branch 4862, Barner began his postal career in 1987.  His service to the branch started in 1996 upon his election as a steward.

“The military taught me the importance of camaraderie and the strength that comes from solidarity,” Barner, a U.S. Army veteran, said. “After witnessing how many carriers were being mistreated, I felt a strong sense of duty to do what I could to support my fellow brothers and sisters.”

Barner served in multiple other roles in his branch including on-the-job instructor, trustee, and safety and health committee recording secretary. His branch elected him treasurer in 2006. He also served functions within the Georgia State Association, including officer on the executive board.

Barner served as a local business agent, as a primary member of the dispute resolution team for Region 9 (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina) and is currently an arbitration advocate. In 2012, President Fredric Rolando appointed him as regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Region 9.

In 2015, Rolando named Barner to the position of special executive assistant to the president working at NALC Headquarters in Washington, DC, a position he held until his election as assistant secretary-treasurer.

Barner graduated from Leadership Academy in 2007. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Georgia State University.

“We as letter carriers must not settle for anything less than to be acknowledged, respected and valued by management for the service we provide to the public day in and day out,” Barner said. “The strength in our unity as NALC members provides the vehicle to achieve this end.”

Christopher Jackson, Director of City Delivery

Christopher Jackson was appointed director of city delivery in 2017 by NALC President Fredric Rolando to fill a vacancy.

Jackson originally began his career with the U.S. Postal Service as an LSM clerk in 1981. He became a letter carrier in 1982 in Downey, CA, later transferring to Riverside where, under the guidance of Garden Grove, CA Branch 1100 officer Manuel L. Peralta Jr. (then a full-time officer), the inception of his career defending letter carriers took place when he became a shop steward in the Riverside Rubidoux Station.

“I would like to personally thank Manuel L. Peralta Jr. for the everlasting impression he left on me during the shop steward training class,” Jackson said. “There, Manny said, ‘Always remember we are here to represent letter carriers and to enforce the National Agreement, which our national officers have bargained for us.’”

Jackson’s representative role for the NALC dates back over several decades, having served under the direct guidance and leadership of letter carrier activists such as Jordan Brown, Art Turner and Charlie Miller. Jackson’s high-level skill sets and expertise helped further his career, allowing him to serve as an NALC Joint Route Inspection Team co-leader from 1993 through 2000 for San Diego District North, where he concurrently served on the Employee Involvement Local Joint Steering Committee and as the NALC’s DPS coordinator. At the same time, he was also an area steward, through 2001.

His being well-versed in contract language led him into arbitration advocacy by 1999. By the close of 2001, he was serving Branch 1100 as a full-time officer, holding the office of vice president through 2005. At that time, he was appointed to the position of regional administrative assistant (RAA) for San Francisco Region 1, until his election a national business agent for Region 1 by acclamation at the National Convention in Anaheim in 2010. He was re-elected to that post by acclamation in 2014 during the 69th Biennial NALC Convention in Philadelphia.

Jackson, having received both Intervention and OWCP training after his acceptance of the RAA position, has held instrumental roles during eras of change for the Postal Service, including direct oversight of the various route inspection processes, where he served as NALC regional team leader for Region 1.

Speaking about adaptation to the changing climate of the USPS and NALC, Jackson said, “I believe we have the tools and guidance through leadership, not only to recover ourselves from economic woes, but to expand on tomorrow’s horizon.

“We, as leaders of the NALC, must continue to bring in new talents to teach and educate them,” he said, “to represent all letter carriers, to enforce the National Agreement and to be ready to step in as leaders of this great union.”

Jackson is the proud father of two Cal State Fresno students—Krystina and Emmanuel.

Manuel L. Peralta Jr., Director of Safety and Health

Manuel L. Peralta Jr.

Manuel L. Peralta Jr. was declared the NALC’s director of safety and health in 2014 by the union’s national election committee after the committee determined that a competing candidate’s nomination submitted during the union’s 69th Biennial Convention in Philadelphia had not met the requirements for certification under the terms of the NALC Constitution. Peralta had first been elected director in 2010 during the 67th Biennial Convention in Anaheim.

Peralta was hired as a letter carrier in 1979 at the Brookhurst Station in Anaheim, CA, and he quickly joined Garden Grove Branch 1100. In 1980, he was trained and appointed as a shop steward, later moving to become a branch trustee. Peralta also served, until 1990, as an equal employment opportunity (EEO) representative, handling complaints through all steps including formal hearings before EEO Commission.

“I was inspired to become a union activist by a neighbor named Jim Linton, who was a truck driver and member of the Teamsters,” Peralta said. “Jim had talked to me about unions and their value in our society since I was an 8-year-old. He helped me get my first union job before I came to the Postal Service, and it was because of his influence on me that I joined the NALC the moment that I was able to do so.”

In 1984, San Francisco Region 1 National Business Agent (NBA) Brian Farris began assigning Peralta to present grievances before arbitrators; Peralta continues to serve as an arbitration advocate.

In 1985, Peralta became Branch 1100 vice president; four years later, he became executive vice president. During this period, he served as NALC co-chair of the Employee Involvement steering committee in Long Beach.

In 1990, NALC President Vincent R. Sombrotto appointed Peralta as a regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Region 1, which covers California, Nevada, Hawaii and Guam. Peralta was elected Region 1 NBA by acclamation during the 2006 National Convention in Las Vegas.

“From the beginning of my involvement with the NALC,” Peralta said, “I have worked to learn the contract, learn what our members need, to learn how to put a good grievance file together, to learn how to present grievances through the steps of our procedures and then to learn how to best present our cases in front of arbitrators. My hope through the years has been—and continues to be—to teach these skills to others and to inspire others to get hooked on representing our members like I was inspired by all my union mentors.”

Peralta attended the California State University at Fullerton. He has been married to his wife, Gina, for more than 38 years. “I could not have dedicated myself to the demands of representing the membership without her total support,” Peralta said. “She has raised my adult son Michael, my adult daughter Amy—and me.”

Dan Toth, Director of Retired Members

The son of a letter carrier, Dan Toth was elected Director of Retired Members in 2018. Previous to that, he was elected Cincinnati Region 11 national business agent (NBA) by acclamation in 2014 during the 69th Biennial NALC Convention in Philadelphia. President William H. Young had initially appointed Toth to that post in May 2009 to fill a vacancy.

Toth first became active in the defense of letter carriers when he took a shop steward position with Lorain, OH Branch 583 in 1984, and he has been working on behalf of his brother and sister letter carriers ever since.

“As a second-generation letter carrier, I remember how hard my father worked to make ends meet,” Toth said. “During the late 1960s and into the 1970s, letter carriers like my father had to work numerous jobs to provide a solid middle-class quality of life. I decided from the onset of my career that I was going to make a difference in protecting and improving the wages and benefits that the NALC and its members fought to gain.

“From Day 1, I was never intimidated by management,” he said. “Routinely, I went toe-to-toe protecting the rights of letter carriers from overzealous managers.”

Toth served Branch 583 as a local business agent and arbitration advocate, trustee and vice president, eventually rising to become branch president. He also served as director of education for the Ohio State Association of Letter Carriers.

In May 2005, President Young named Toth a regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Region 11, which serves the letter carriers of Ohio and upstate New York.

“I was able to rise to the position of national business agent because the NALC dedicated resources to train me along with mentors who took the time to provide support and knowledge to help me represent the members to the best of my ability,” Toth said. “I recognize how important that was to me during my growth and I want to pay that forward.”

Toth also serves on the Eastern Area Safety Task Force, the Northern Ohio Communications Task Force, and he is a member of the Northern Ohio Employee Assistance Program (EAP) team.

“Other than providing the best representation possible, one of my main goals as the Region 11 NBA is to train and assist in developing our next generation of NALC leaders,” he said. “I believe this is a responsibility that we should all strive to engage in.

“Ultimately, I would like to see letter carriers continue to have a good wage-and-benefit package,” he added, “a work environment free of bullying and harassment and a fulfilling career that leads to the promised land—retirement!”

Toth studied industrial psychology at The Ohio State University. He and his wife, Nancy, have two adult sons: Russell and Matthew.

Stephanie Stewart, Director, Health Benefit Plan

Stephanie Stewart

Stephanie Stewart was appointed Director of Health Benefits in 2018 by NALC President Fredric Rolando to fill a vacancy.

Stewart was hired as a letter carrier in 1995 for the Morgan Street Station in Des Moines, IA and quickly joined Central Iowa Merged Branch 352.

“I became involved as the shop steward because I couldn’t sit by and watch management violate our contract and abuse letter carriers. I knew I had the ability to stand up and defend my coworkers, so I signed up and kept fighting anywhere I was needed.”

As a member of branch 352, she served the membership as a shop steward, Formal A designee, safety captain, workers compensation officer (OWCP), Trustee, Vice President and went on to become President in 2013. She also filled many roles at the request of the National Business Agents office including, NALC Co-leader for Route Inspections, District EAP committee member, District Safety Committee Co-Chair, Master Carrier Academy Facilitator and as an Arbitration Advocate.

“The challenge of representing letter carriers through a variety of different ways became my passion. I was eager to learn and very fortunate to be surrounded by strong mentors who pushed me at every turn. I quickly realized we stay strong by leaning on each other and being proactive through ongoing education.” Her desire to help letter carriers in new ways led to her involvement as an officer with the Iowa State Association of Letter Carriers, where she served as the Vice President and Director of Education form 2011-2015.

In 2015, NALC President Fredric V. Rolando appointed Stewart regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Region 5, serving Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

As Director of Health Benefits Stewart’s goal is to educate our membership about our health benefit coverage and promote wellness and healthy living. “When our bodies are taxed by injury or illness, the physical and mental demands of being a letter carrier is even more challenging. If I can help lessen that burden, it must be a priority."

Additional information on the NALC Health Benefit Plan insurance, which is available to federal and postal workers as part of the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program (FEHBP) can be found by connecting to the NALC Health Benefit Plan website.

James W. "Jim" Yates, Director of Life Insurance

Jim Yates was elected director of life insurance by mail balloting of NALC members last fall.

A Long Island native whose parents were both postal employees and union members, Yates began his letter carrier career in 1994 carrying mail as a part-time flexible (PTF) in Glen Head, NY, and joined Long Island Merged, NY Branch 6000.

“I grew up in a postal household where my father and sister were letter carriers and my mother a clerk.  It was not only a postal household, but a union household—an NALC household,” Yates said. “Because of this, I was drawn to become active in my branch as soon as I was hired as a letter carrier.”

Yates began his union activism as branch food drive coordinator and steward, then took on more than a dozen branch and regional roles, including trustee, arbitration advocate, health benefit representative and route adjustment team member. President Fredric Rolando named him a national field administrative assistant in 2013, a job that brought him to NALC Headquarters. Rolando appointed Yates assistant to the president for city delivery the next year.

In 2017, President Rolando named Yates assistant to the president for collective bargaining, communication and research, a job whose responsibilities included support for negotiation of the 2016-2019 National Agreement between NALC and the Postal Service, ratified by the members in August 2017.

Yates graduated from the Leadership Academy in 2006. Before joining the Postal Service, he earned a degree in automotive engineering; in 2004, Yates graduated from the National Labor College with a B.A. in labor studies.

“Growing up, I heard about letter carrier and postal issues daily,” Yates said. “I was ready to hit the ground running. All these years later, I am still focused on fighting for letter carriers.”

Additional information on the NALC's Mutual Benefit Association insurance policies available to NALC members and policies available to NALC members' spouses, children and grandchildren can be found by connecting to the U.S. Letter Carriers Mutual Benefit Association homepage.

Board of Trustees

Lawrence D. Brown Jr., Chair

Lawrence D. Brown Jr.774 Valencia Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017

With more than 20 years of experience as a national trustee to rely on, Larry Brown continues his commitment “to serve the best interests of the letter carriers who have placed their confidence in me.”

Brown has served as president of the Los Angeles Branch 24 since 1989. In 2014, he was elected to a sixth term as a national trustee and is serving his fifth term as chairman of the three-member NALC Board of Trustees following national balloting held among the union’s active and retired members.

Brown began his union career as a shop steward at Highland Park Station in 1973 and served in that capacity right up until his election as Branch 24 president. He also was the branch’s Mutual Benefit Association representative from 1981 to 1989.

He credits his parents for his involvement in the labor movement. “Being raised by two parents involved in civic and church activities,” Brown said, “the union was a natural extension of the leadership qualities and organizational techniques I learned at home.”

A tireless community activist, Brown is vice president of the Los Angeles Federation of Labor and chairman of the Los Angeles Labor Community Services, AFL-CIO, and he sits on the advisory committee of the Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

Brown also plays a prominent personal and leadership role in political affairs as the NALC’s congressional district liaison for Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA 35th) and as an active member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee.

Along with safeguarding members’ interests as a trustee, Brown says he also feels a duty to “always be working toward electing government representatives who best serve the needs of our membership.”

Brown’s wife, Carolyn, is also a letter carrier and a Branch 24 member. They have three daughters and a son.

Mike Gill

Mike Gill18682 SW 93 Court
Cutler Bay, FL 33157

A 30-plus-year history of union leadership reached a new height for Mike Gill when he was first elected a national trustee by acclamation at the 2006 Las Vegas Convention. He was elected to a third term in that post in 2014 following national balloting held among the union’s active and retired members.

Gill, a veteran member of Miami’s South Florida Branch 1071, started his career with the Postal Service in 1973.

“As a second-generation letter carrier, I understood the importance of the NALC,” Gill said. “I saw the need to assist my fellow letter carriers because of the injustice that took place on the workroom floor,” particularly on behalf of carriers who were frustrated or exploited in their dealings with “unreasonable” postal managers.

In 1981, Gill was elected Branch 1071’s treasurer. Nine years later, the branch membership voted him in as executive vice president, and in 2002 he was elected branch president. The branch, one of NALC’s largest, is also one of the best organized in the nation.

As a national trustee, Gill has three main goals: to strive to improve the work life of letter carriers; to help make the NALC strong as it addresses the challenges it faces, from Congress to collective bargaining, from its political action fund to the e-Activist Network; and to educate the membership about the importance of staying involved in all of these areas.

Gill and his wife, Denise, are the parents of two adult children, Brett and Katie.

Mack I. Julion

Mack I. Julion3850 S. Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL 60653

Mack I. Julion was appointed by President Fredric Rolando as trustee in May 2018.

Julion joined the Postal Service as a letter carrier in 1997. He became a steward in 2001 and was elected sergeant-at-arms and auditor of Branch 11 in 2005. Julion also is an arbitration advocate and intervention specialist. He graduated from Leadership Academy’s Class 2 in 2006.

In 2008, then-NALC president William H. Young appointed Julion to the post of regional administrative assistant (RAA) for Region 3 (Illinois). The next year, Branch 11 elected Julion as branch president.